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World Kia Joliet1October 10, 2018

BRENDA V. of Chicago IL

by BRENDA VENOR (Chicago, IL) on October 10, 2018

I see World Kia Joliet doesnt like there costumers to post directly to there page. Well this is probably the reason why.I take my car in for service last Tuesday. Guess what still dont have my car or the reason why water is coming in my car and flooding the passenger side. World Kia sent my car back to me with the problem worsier then I left it with them. Day 1:Upon receiving my car the modeling around the passenger front and back door was open so wide I get fit my hand in it. I sent the car back to them Upon speaking to one of the Manager Sam who I purchased the car from. Called to check the status of the car Wednesday since it was nearing 3o'clock and hadnt heard from the dealership. Come to find out the car hadnt been log in for service. Asked to speak to Sam since he told me he would make sure it would be taken care of. Never came to the phone never called me back. After calling there for the rest of the day. By the time I did get through to someone there was noone in the service department. Day 3: No one calls me from the dealership it about 12 in the afternoon now. Ask to speak to Sam he still busy asked is there someone else I can talked to. My service person Im told Is Mikia. I hold on for about 10min to speak to Mikia who tells me he not aware of the situation. I asked to speak to the GM who Name . Spoke to him he making promises that also wasnt kept. Eventually I had to call Kia Coperate office. They contacted the dealership. But that didnt help either. Just received more phones call with empty promises. Day 4: Still no communication from the dealership unless I called. I was either left on the phone or given more empty promises. Day 5: Told by the Kia Consumers Coperate that they had spoken to the dealership and would be contacting me in 30 min. Didnt happen. Day 7 and Day 8: Waiting for someone to contact me since Kia Consumers had gotten involved and was supposed to be getting to the bottom of the leak. Day 9: Spoke to Robert since that was who the Kia Coperate Consumers told me they were working with. He sounded good at first. Then went down hill fast. I asked for my car to be return so I could take it elesewhere since I was being treated like the scum under thier shoes. Was told car would be return first thing in the morning on Wedneday Oct 10, 2018. Day 10: No phone call it is almost 10am. Called at 932 am spoke to Robert. He tells me the car is in route and apologizes that no one called me. Its now 1143 am still no car no call. I called back to speak to Robert he says he going to contact the driver. It will be a young lady bringing the car. Shortly after getting of the phone a young man gives me a call saying he leaving the dealersip now to bring my car. So more lies and run a rounds. Call Robert back he busy. When I finally get in contact with him he states the young lady had a allergic reactions to something and no one told him. He knew I wouldnt believe it so he didnt want to talk to me. To finish this story i just recieved my care five minutes ago. I will never do business with this dealership again for service or sales. I recommend you dont either it seems the workers are always changing. Couldnt get the terms and conditions to come up so I could read to before posting to this site. Im only checking the have read terms so I can post. Dont want anyone else ever to have to be teated this way.

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