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World Kia Joliet1February 26, 2018

Jessica S. of Joliet IL

by Jessica L Smith (Joliet, IL) on February 26, 2018
THIS WAS THE WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! I am contacting better business bureau and I will tell everyone!! They have fraudulent business practices!! I am a single hardworking mother, apparently they saw that as “bait”. They lied about everything and wasted over 12 hours of my time. They sold me a car that needed well over $1000 of work right out the lot! They raised the price we agreed on monthly OVER $100 and if I would not have stood up for myself I would have gotten taken on a scam!!!! I demanded my money back and they finally took the car back. I wouldn’t step foot in here again if my life depended on it!!! And Angela I felt comfortable with because she was a woman and seemed to explain things very well. She lied to me to. One of her half witted reasons of telling me why the difference in price per month was that the finance guy didn’t know what he was doing and that he had only been there for 2 months! Well he has been there for YEARS!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! And to top it off I wrote a bad review on social media and THE DEALERSHIP CHANGED WHAT IT SAID!!! They put that I had the best buying experience on the preview of my bad review!!!! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

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