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World Kia Joliet5February 16, 2018

Jonathan S. of Chicago IL

by Jonathan Schreiber (Chicago, IL) on February 16, 2018

Moe and Sam was very helpful with the whole proccess . I loved the experience I had. Thanks guys!

World Kia Joliet5January 30, 2018

Angelo R. of Chicago IL

by Angelo Reeves (Chicago, IL) on January 30, 2018

Moe and Ike really helped us out. I reccomend them.

World Kia Joliet5January 20, 2018

Eric M. of Chicago IL

by Eric Mitchell (Chicago, IL) on January 20, 2018
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Soto has given me 5 star service since I entered the door today to me and my family. He has established the most important quality outside of customer service which is trust. He has given me and my family the confidence in car purchasing that we never have experinced before and will always remember. World Kia will continue to be our first destination for car buying and highly recommended.


Thank you Soto & and World Kia

World Kia Joliet5January 19, 2018

Javell H. of Chicago IL

by Javell Henry (Chicago, IL) on January 19, 2018
Everybody go see Patrick he gone get you right

World Kia Joliet5January 8, 2018

Shantay P. of Chicago IL

by Shantay Parker (Chicago, IL) on January 8, 2018

Moe is a great sales man.

World Kia Joliet5January 8, 2018

Alberto R. of Chicago IL

by Alberto Redman (Chicago, IL) on January 8, 2018

Angela was very helpful with our new car purchase today, she made sure that I was properly taken care of. She also lets us test drive the vehicle of choice. she took very much concern into making me happy..

World Kia Joliet5January 6, 2018

Isarel A. of Chicago IL

by Isarel Arroyo (Chicago, IL) on January 6, 2018

Mario was very helpful, very courtious professional. I like my experience with him when i do come back i would love to deal with him again.

World Kia Joliet5January 2, 2018

Gonzalo R. of Chicago IL

by Gonzalo Reyes (Chicago, IL) on January 2, 2018

muy excelente y muy amables por ayudar a clientes NUEVOS ... 

World Kia Joliet5December 23, 2017

Joseph B. of Chicago IL

by Joseph Battle (Chicago, IL) on December 23, 2017

my experience at World kia today was great, the service was fast and Angela McFerren was great. she informed me on alot of things. thanks!

World Kia Joliet5December 21, 2017

Lawrence K. of Chicago IL

by Lawrence Knott (Chicago, IL) on December 21, 2017

My experience here at  World Kia was great! Mario was very professional with handling our application, within hours we were approved. Thank you guys!

World Kia Joliet5December 16, 2017

Larry K. of Chicago IL

by Larry R Kinnon (Chicago, IL) on December 16, 2017

  great service on hand with all my question

World Kia Joliet5December 9, 2017

Deonte C. of Chicago IL

by Deonte Cooper (Chicago, IL) on December 9, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Jerry Davis Salesperson:

Jerry was very helpful with getting me a vehicle

World Kia Joliet5December 8, 2017

Lashawn P. of Chicago IL

by Lashawn M Porter (Chicago, IL) on December 8, 2017

i had a real good experience at world kia in joliet my salesman and finance manager really took care of me. i recomend anyone to come out to world kia in joliet and enjoy the best experience in car buying.

World Kia Joliet5December 7, 2017

Sammie S. of Chicago IL

by Sammie Shannon (Chicago, IL) on December 7, 2017

great service. 

World Kia Joliet5November 28, 2017

Carol S. of Chicago IL

by Carol Sudol (Chicago, IL) on November 28, 2017

I was very skeptical about coming to Joliet to get a car but Im so happy I did! Mario was very informative and helpful. They were great!

World Kia Joliet5November 28, 2017

Kalia C. of Chicago IL

by Kalia Collins (Chicago, IL) on November 28, 2017

Moe was a great help. Got me into a brand new 2017 kia rio.

World Kia Joliet5November 27, 2017

Brandon B. of Chicago IL

by Brandon Beavers (Chicago, IL) on November 27, 2017

My experience the second time around was much more pleasant with Angela M. as my salesperson. She was efficient, courteous, and extremely professional. She's the reason I'll continue to do business here.

World Kia Joliet5November 25, 2017

William L. of Chicago IL

by William Lewis (Chicago, IL) on November 25, 2017

We came in to World Kia and worked with Mario. He listened to my needs and put me in exactly what I wanted. I would recommend anyone looking for a good car and honest people to visit World Kia in Joliet!!!

World Kia Joliet5November 22, 2017

William P. of Chicago IL

by William Penn (Chicago, IL) on November 22, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:
first of all I'd like too thank my salesman L.Soto,not only was he kind but to me it seemed as if he put in a personal touch.this wasnt a easy loan to get it took a while,because of my credit.but Soto hung in there and I'd like too say again... [read more]
World Kia Joliet5November 18, 2017

Jessica V. of Chicago IL

by Jessica Volz (Chicago, IL) on November 18, 2017

I had a great experience at World Kia today. Mario was very helpful and informative. I will definitely recommend friends and family here!

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