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World Kia Joliet5October 30, 2020

Liliana L. of Joliet IL

by Liliana Lopez (Joliet, IL) on October 30, 2020

Want to thank Rudy after 12 years of owing my older car I am walking out confident I purchased a car I am so happy about.

World Kia Joliet5September 18, 2020

Michele S. of Joliet IL

by Michele M Stigers (Joliet, IL) on September 18, 2020

Come see Carlos!! 

World Kia Joliet5May 18, 2020

Jessica B. of Joliet IL

by Jessica Marie Borrego (Joliet, IL) on May 18, 2020
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

she was a good sales person to have

World Kia Joliet5May 12, 2020

Patricia M. of Joliet IL

by Patricia Mcneil (Joliet, IL) on May 12, 2020
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Heaven & Soto were great! 

World Kia Joliet5December 4, 2019

Lecester C. of Joliet IL

by Lecester Chapple (Joliet, IL) on December 4, 2019

Carlos helped me get into a 16 chevy traverse! Come see carlos for your next car!

World Kia Joliet5November 9, 2019

Louis C. of Joliet IL

by Louis S Cunningham (Joliet, IL) on November 9, 2019

Come see Carlos! I just purchased a 2016 Nissan rogue, and had a great experience. I recommend to see him on your next vehicle purchase! 

World Kia Joliet5November 1, 2019

Michael J. of Joliet IL

by Michael Jaeger (Joliet, IL) on November 1, 2019

Ryan was awesome and he helped me into the EXACT vehicle I was looking for, Definitely would recommend Ryan to any friends or family looking for a new vehicle  

World Kia Joliet5October 29, 2019

Tranell P. of Joliet IL

by Tranell Por (Joliet, IL) on October 29, 2019

Very good experience working with Paul and Tony. Paul was great at selling and Tony completed everything for us. Great job. Very very happy. 

World Kia Joliet5October 2, 2019

Lee I. of Joliet IL

by Lee Ivory (Joliet, IL) on October 2, 2019

Carlos helped me get into the brand new 2020 KIA Sportage! come see him

World Kia Joliet5September 18, 2019

Theodore W. of Joliet IL

by Theodore Woodliff (Joliet, IL) on September 18, 2019

The service that i received from Carlos and Tony was tremendous.   These two made me feel comfortable to a point where we talked real life not just about me buying a vehicle.  That is what makes someone want to come back or recommend friends and family.  i appreciate that. Carlos and Tony are great guys.

World Kia Joliet5August 7, 2019

Carol L. of Joliet IL

by Carol G Lane (Joliet, IL) on August 7, 2019


World Kia Joliet1July 17, 2019

Michael D. of Joliet IL

by Michael R Dix (Joliet, IL) on July 17, 2019
Rudy got the deal done at the payment i wanted!! (They make you write your original review when... [read more]
World Kia Joliet5April 11, 2019

Henrique C. of Joliet IL

by Henrique Crespi (Joliet, IL) on April 11, 2019
Just wanted to leave a quick review because I truly believe that Ozzy Kinney at World Kia deserves all the credit for the overall great experience I just had. Ozzy was very professional, extremely knowledgeable about their cars and very customer focus.    Just got a new car and I'm greatly happy... [read more]
World Kia Joliet5October 27, 2018

Jessica D. of Joliet IL

by Jessica Durancik (Joliet, IL) on October 27, 2018
He did everything he had to make sure we were happy. He deserves recognition for his dedication to his customers. Thanks Ryan!!

World Kia Joliet5October 20, 2018

Niccole J. of Joliet IL

by Niccole J Jackson (Joliet, IL) on October 20, 2018

Great Experience!  Great Deal!  Ozzy is fantastic!  In and out in a couple of hours.  No hassle and they found me exactly what I was looking for.

World Kia Joliet5October 19, 2018

Chris W. of Joliet IL

by Chris Warren (Joliet, IL) on October 19, 2018

Took the time to make sure we got the best rate possible and got the car i wanted 

World Kia Joliet5October 13, 2018

Maria P. of Joliet IL

by Maria Pizarro (Joliet, IL) on October 13, 2018

Ryan was great! I came in for an oil change and ended up leaving in a brand new car!!

World Kia Joliet5October 13, 2018

Brittany G. of Joliet IL

by Brittany Grover (Joliet, IL) on October 13, 2018

Ryan was great and got me into a car that fits my needs, I would recommed this dealer and Ryan to anyone in need of a vehicle!

World Kia Joliet5September 24, 2018

William S. of Joliet IL

by William J Spelich (Joliet, IL) on September 24, 2018
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Brent White Salesperson:

This is our first KIA, the sale staff took the time to show use models options and safety feature and made my wife and I a believer in the KIA car . Arturo and Ozzy answer all of our question and gave us a great price and made this purchase a very fast and easy experience. I will tell others that World KIA is the place to buy your new car and trust the sale forc

World Kia Joliet1September 20, 2018

Jennifer H. of Joliet IL

by Jennifer Halterman (Joliet, IL) on September 20, 2018
Patrick was a very friendly dealer when we first started talking to him. However, he lied to us about the purchase of the vehicle. He told us the car was 27K when it was actually 33K. He had offered us free oils changes, free car washes, and a free lifetime... [read more]
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