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World Kia Joliet5June 5, 2018

Anthony J. of Lockport IL

by Anthony C Jackson (Lockport, IL) on June 5, 2018

great guy worked hard to get us into a car will recomend him an dealership to friends

World Kia Joliet5May 12, 2018

Tiffany W. of Lockport IL

by Tiffany Walsh (Lockport, IL) on May 12, 2018

My experience  with World Kia Joliet was good,. They were able to work with me on payments that worked for me for a vehicle that I really like. 

World Kia Joliet5April 24, 2018

Glennessa H. of Lockport IL

by Glennessa Holman (Lockport, IL) on April 24, 2018

Came in for my second time today, first time I worked with Mario, today I worked with Jerry. Very helpful..

World Kia Joliet5December 29, 2017

RENEE T. of Lockport IL

by RENEE TOMASELLO (Lockport, IL) on December 29, 2017

Angela was very helpful& patient, courteous!

World Kia Joliet5December 15, 2017

Laura R. of Lockport IL

by Laura Rego (Lockport, IL) on December 15, 2017

Excellent service, answered all my questions, polite. I am very happy and will tell others about this dealership. 

World Kia Joliet5December 5, 2017

Archie B. of Lockport IL

by Archie Brown (Lockport, IL) on December 5, 2017

I had a good experience working with Angie, Im happy with the car i purchased, it meets my needs much better than the previous!

World Kia Joliet4November 24, 2017

Susan P. of Lockport IL

by Susan Pierce (Lockport, IL) on November 24, 2017

Jerry went out of his way to work with us and get us  a car we can afford.

World Kia Joliet5October 27, 2017

Charlotte S. of Lockport IL

by Charlotte Sellars (Lockport, IL) on October 27, 2017

Loretta has been very helpful. Overall to get the sale done has been a little longer than expected.

World Kia Joliet5August 22, 2017

Mary R. of Lockport IL

by Mary Ryan (Lockport, IL) on August 22, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Soto was very personal, courtese, knowledgeable, and honest with our purchase.

World Kia Joliet5July 22, 2017

Allison F. of Lockport IL

by Allison L Fuentes (Lockport, IL) on July 22, 2017

My family and I have had nothing but an excellent experience from the minute we walked through the door. Joseph had helped us find the right car for not only our family but for our budget as well. I will always recommend World Kia Joliet!

World Kia Joliet5June 22, 2017

Sarah L. of Lockport IL

by Sarah Lynch (Lockport, IL) on June 22, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Darryl Hervy Salesperson:

Daryl is excellent!  The process was fast and easy!  I highly recommend World KIA Joliet.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

World Kia Joliet5June 17, 2017

JOSE S. of Lockport IL

by JOSE SAUCEDO (Lockport, IL) on June 17, 2017


World Kia Joliet5May 29, 2017

Tom A. of Lockport IL

by Tom Allen (Lockport, IL) on May 29, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Memorial Day special! Soto has been my salesman for over 3 years now. Today me and my wife purchased 2 more vehicles from him! Thanks again Soto 

World Kia Joliet5May 26, 2017

David R. of Lockport IL

by David Ramos (Lockport, IL) on May 26, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Brent White Salesperson:

The service was excellemt. And they worked with us to  get the lowest price possible. very helpful.

World Kia Joliet5April 22, 2017

Brittany P. of Lockport IL

by Brittany Palacios (Lockport, IL) on April 22, 2017

I am very satisfied, service was great.

World Kia Joliet4March 11, 2017

Deloise E. of Lockport IL

by Deloise Edmond (Lockport, IL) on March 11, 2017

I was pleased with my car buying experience. everyone was helpful as well as professional. As always I hate the prolonged time process of buying a vehicle, but I can truly say my prolonged time during this visit was due to the personnel trying their very best to accommodate me. Joi was an absollute pleasure to work with and Will made my purchase possible. Cudos to both! 

World Kia Joliet5March 2, 2017

Matthew C. of Lockport IL

by Matthew Costello (Lockport, IL) on March 2, 2017
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Excellent job Soto! Very pleased

World Kia Joliet5December 14, 2016

Christy B. of Lockport IL

by Christy Bartosik (Lockport, IL) on December 14, 2016
World Kia Joliet Reviews: Luis Soto Salesperson:

Amazing experience with Soto. Hands down he made the process enjoyable and I am leaving in a brand new loaded up Forte! Very happy! Thanks Soto and World Kia

World Kia Joliet5December 2, 2016

Allison B. of Lockport IL

by Allison Barnes (Lockport, IL) on December 2, 2016

Came to Kia to get my car serviced. I worked with Will and Josh. They showed my a newer model of my current car. Explained all the new features as well as the fianancing. I was able to get my remote start which was really important. They were quick with getting me out in my new car which was great. 

World Kia Joliet5October 10, 2016

Joe A. of Lockport IL

by Joe Anderson (Lockport, IL) on October 10, 2016

Very pleasant to deal with. Knowledgeable about the vehicle.

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