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World Kia Joliet5May 6, 2017

MARY M. of Wilmington IL

by MARY ANN MORGAN (Wilmington, IL) on May 6, 2017

Extremely helpful, kind and considerate. Outstanding service. aprreciate the willingness  to get thew deal done.

World Kia Joliet5April 8, 2017

Christal G. of Wilmington IL

by Christal A Grimes (Wilmington, IL) on April 8, 2017

He was a excellent salesman! Very helpful and clear explaining!

World Kia Joliet5March 18, 2017

Gayle W. of Wilmington IL

by Gayle D Wengelewski (Wilmington, IL) on March 18, 2017

Juan was a great hellp in getting us the car we wanted.  Our credit wasn't good and they were able to get us the car we wanted.

World Kia Joliet5September 13, 2016

Traci B. of Wilmington IL

by Traci Benegas (Wilmington, IL) on September 13, 2016

very poliate and helpful. would recomnand to family and friends

World Kia Joliet5August 6, 2016

Craig W. of Wilmington IL

by Craig Watson (Wilmington, IL) on August 6, 2016

Very frindly, knowledgable, took his time with us,would recommend to others for future sales.

World Kia Joliet5June 6, 2016

Elizabeth R. of Wilmington IL

by Elizabeth L Randolph (Wilmington, IL) on June 6, 2016

was a very good salesman got me my car and very happy he got the job done thanks

World Kia Joliet5May 11, 2016

Mike F. of Wilmington IL

by Mike Farley (Wilmington, IL) on May 11, 2016

the guys here were very helpful and hope to get a new car in the next year thxs again

World Kia Joliet5January 15, 2016

Brandon R. of Wilmington IL

by Brandon A Reinelt (Wilmington, IL) on January 15, 2016
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