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World Kia Joliet1April 9, 2018

Leonard T. of Chicago IL

by Leonard R Trojan (Chicago, IL) on April 9, 2018
Worst dealership i have ever had the displeasure of doing business with, first the will lie, scam or just not tell you something unless you specifically ask about it. And salesman Jerry Davis is the biggest cheat and liar, but they thought they could slip in an after market warranty for 2500$ without telling me, so the next when i found that out and i also noticed they didnt give me floor mats i couldn't see if it had them because they had that paper on the floor so i called Jerry he acted like i had know idea but when he was showing me the car he sure said its still under factory warranty because its a 2017 but he also said it had an extra warranty not one that i was gonna have to pay for, when i went back to cancel it and get my floor mats they told me they were out of them...smh Then when i said ok now lets cancel this warranty he flat out lied and said capital one my finance company said i had to have it which when i called capital one they said thats a total lie the only thing your finance would make you get is full coverage insurance, but then he says if you cancel it we won't finance you through capital one (which i was already pre-approved) that the company they were gonna pick wanted 1200$ more of a down payment and my monthly payments to up to 522$ from 375$, i told him you cant pick my finance company for me, i pick who i want, so i took my paperwork called capital one told them the story and they called the dealership and guess who won me the little guy, the dealership has to refund the 2500$ and it goes straight towards the principal....hahaha NOW WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH!!!!! THANK YOU AND F@#K YOU JERRY........

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