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World Kia Joliet1January 18, 2018

Marsha W. of Minooka IL

by Marsha Williams (Minooka, IL) on January 18, 2018

If you are planning on coming here, don’t plan anything all day, bring yourself some food, and some entertainment to keep you busy while you sit there for 7 hours. I was advised by the rep Tiffany that I was qualified for a refinance with a reduced payment and interest rate. I advised her that I am pregnant and on bedrest and can’t sit there for a really long period of time. She stated that all the paperwork was ready all I need to do is provide my recent pay stubs and drivers license. It should take no longer than a half hour. I went in tonight and she is not there. So a gentleman helped me. I sat there for an hour with nothing. I expressed to the gentleman of my situation that it I’ll be 5 more minutes, they were talking to the bank. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO ALREADY BEEN DONE! Why are you fucking around with this? They already pulled my credit!! I was advised that I would just walk in there, provide the documents, sign already done paperwork and leave. Why was this so hard?? I had to leave. Told the guy to call me when there shit is together.

Now, I am sitting at the ER because I am experiencing spotting. Thanks a lot DICKBAGS for lying to me.

Word of advice, if someone on is going to sit there for a half hour, make it a half hour, if they are expected to sit there for 13 hours, tell them. Don’t say 5 more minutes when it’s really 5 more hours.

I swear if I lose this baby because of your blatant lies and severe disorganization, there will be a serious situation at your facility because I will lose my shit.

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