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World Kia Joliet1July 17, 2019

Michael D. of Joliet IL

by Michael R Dix (Joliet, IL) on July 17, 2019
Rudy got the deal done at the payment i wanted!! (They make you write your original review when sitting at the counter before you leave with your car. When i got my car that night it was still dirty inside (Carpets/windows not cleaned, center arm rest still full of previous owners belongings. Had to take the car to get cleaned which was additional cost out of my pocket which is annoying right after you buy a car.)


Yesterday i walked into the store because i was told by Joseph that my first payment was being made by World Kia due to everything that has so far gone wrong with my loan. I just needed to come in and sign a quick form that it was ok for them to do this. When I went into the store i has attacked for money by Jamie (fiance secretary) , brought to a room to speak to camille (General manager) and Sam (Sales Manager). They were demanding i pay them right then for the $259 they paid on my behalf. I was held for 50 minutes with no option to leave the store. Left in a conference room having an anxiety attack with fear of not being able to leave the building for 30 minutes. I had Googled the non emergency police number for Joliet as i saw that being my only option to leave the facility. I explained repeatedly i could pay however it needed to wait 2 days until i got paid and i wanted proof that they actually paid my first bill to which i was told by jamie originally "We are not showing you that". NOT TO MENTION MY BILL WAS NOT DUE TO THE LOAN COMPANY UNTIL 7/18/2019 SO WHY WORLD KIA PAID ON 7/10/2019 I STILL DON'T KNOW!!!!

I was lied to by Joseph to get me into the store (Entrapment). Harassed and embarrassed by Jamie in front of employees and customers (Harassment & Defamation of character). Spoke to the general manager who did nothing but "get pulled away by someone else" and Sam who...I mean what did Sam do here? Did he just walk into the wrong conference room? I mean honestly what was the reason Sam came in. My car was blocked into my spot purposely in front of the store for all to see and then took 5 minutes for someone to unblock me so I could leave when this issue was resolved. Not one person apologized for this. A simple "sorry we messed something up here but here is confirmation showing your first payment was made" You would think that being held captive, literally for 45-50 minutes, (False imprisonment) would have resulted in a apology from The general manager when she realized what was going on, but that other person must have been super important.

Come to think of it, When Camille was leaving the conference room I apologized if my behavior was out of line. I apologized to World Kia for my actions AND I'M NOT THE ONE WHO DID ANYTHING WRONG HERE!


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