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World Kia Joliet1September 4, 2019

Pearl M. of Romeoville IL

by Pearl Maxey (Romeoville, IL) on September 4, 2019

While my car was at World Kia they told me that my brakes were shot and that I needed them done ASAP to the tune of over $400.  I told them that I would talk to my husband, and later took my car into Firestone.  Firestone informed me that my brakes had well over 30% left on the pads and could not recommend a brake job at that time.  They told me to wait until my next oil change to have them checked again, but as of right then, they were in good shape.  


Keep away!  Do not go for service!  I brought my car in for recall related work, they wound up causing extensive damage to my car with their car wash.  They took responsibility for it, but then took months to repair the damage to my hood, and did a terrible job.  The paint doesn't match and there is still some damage to the hood, but since it took so long to fix, and I hate driving a rental, I let it go.  When I went to pick up my car, the windshield was broken, and they had the audacity to say, "I thought it came in like that."  There were also loose screws I found in the area in front of the windshield, god knows where those were suppose to go.  Good thing I take dated pics and video of my car when I drop off and pick up.  I suggest you do the same with the rental.  They also tried to charge me for a mark on the rental that had been there that they "overlooked" when giving me the car.  


The kicker to my Kia saga is that my wheel well cover was loose and got shredded by my front tire.  I took it in for repair, thinking it would be covered under warranty. It was not, although, an explanation was never given as to why.  The cover was not properly attached, and came loose again and started shredding again.  They again replaced it, but I had to bring it to their attention again that it was not attached.  The service manager Randy says it should not have been this way and that he would look into it.  Turns out, an entire piece of the inner bumper is missing, and they are now saying that I must have been in an accident, so I will have to pay upwards of $500 to replace my entire bumper.  I have never been in an accident, and if there was damage to the bumper, I would concede that something must have happened that I was unaware of.  The piece is plastic, if there was damage it would be evident.  There are no stress marks, no breaks, nothing to show there was and breakage.  There is just a piece missing, so the wheel well cover has nothing to attach to and will always come loose, leading to other structural issues with the front end.  World Kia refuses to help, only blames me and tells me to turn to my insurance.  Kia itself, refuses to help, telling me that the dealership says I was in an accident, so the only alternative is to go to another dealership for verification.  They say the World Kia doesn't have the original part, so they can't tell what happened.  How will another dealership know what happened if World Kia can't tell?  The original bumper is still there, and as previously stated there is no damage to it.  This is ridiculous, and a terrible way to uphold their warranty,  that was one of the reasons I bought this car to begin with.  This will be my last Kia, and I will be sure to tell all of my friends and family about what a horrible service center World Kia has.  They are unprofessional, and the actual work they do is shoddy.  Your car comes out worse for having been there.

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