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World Kia Joliet1May 14, 2018

Shanika H. of Chicago IL

by Shanika Harris (Chicago, IL) on May 14, 2018
Jerry Called me a bunch of times after feeling out an app with autcredit express. He told me I was approved for up to 18,000 on a 2018 Kia with no money down. Went in discourages because I have dealt with dealers and mess previously. So after running my credit again several times while Iím there finally telling me I had a secured loan, but I had to put down $1000. Told my salesman Jerry only had $500 and he said he would work something out. Left the lot with a new car after putting down $500 and paying for insurance. 2 weeks later Iím told the loan wasnít approved but they have another bank for me. I declined and agreed to bring the car back when I return. A Kia representative contacted me and told me to meet closer and he has my down payment (via text) I still have the messages. After I met the man Brian which I know now as a repo man I didnít receive my money but I didnít put up a fight. I called everyday after for 4 days speaking with John poupa. He told me my refund has not been processed out yet. From my experience a check can be cut the same day.My loan wasnít approved but finally i was told by Camille they were covering my down payment for the repo??? They are scam artist that trick you in for commission. Complete waste of time and I still have not received my money back

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