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World Kia Joliet1January 18, 2018

Terry W. of Overland Park KS

by Terry F Walling (Overland Park, KS) on January 18, 2018
My wife and I were solicited through a bait and switch tactic that under the laws of the federal consumer protection agency are forbidden to occur. With the assistance of Google we traveled from Overland Park, Kansas to Holiday, Illinois to pick up our new car after the sales manager and finance manager himself left us a message that we would be driving home in a new car that we were picked. In fact, it was disclosed that we actually had one a car. We traveled hundreds of miles after our application was approved only to spend hours upon hours and receiving excuses upon excuses and in the end told that we have to put a down payment down on a vehicle and we never received a vehicle. As a matter of fact this was nothing but a bait-and-switch operation that this company is probably well known for. With Google's assistant, and with their apps, we were able to pinpoint people places and events that led up to us being denied a vehicle when my credit rating is actually very good. First we were informed after speaking with Rachel who is there internet specialist, who informed us that she had it worked out for us to come into Kia World Kia of Joliet, to choose a vehicle, of our own choice and we would go home in a car. This was even backed up further by the manager who left a message informing us that we would drive home today it was not a 75% guarantee it was a 100% guarantee. This never occurred, we left and drove all the way back to Overland Park Kansas hundreds of miles away taste, where they experienced by KIA, who apparently do not oversee these type of operations. They do they are very liable for the fact that they are also responsible because they are the manufacturer of the vehicles that this company sells. In America these tactics and these individuals who use these tactics violated the United States Constitution highlighted the federal laws of America and violated state laws of Illinois. I would not recommend anybody go into that dealership and apply for a loan I believe that they steal your information I believe that give it to marketers and that they create false just to get people in there and it's a very abusive process there's nothing good about what occurred and I actually believe that Kia of the United States needs to be well-informed of this this is very unlawful.

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