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World Kia Joliet2November 7, 2017

Timmy H. of Romeoville IL

by Timmy Harrison (Romeoville, IL) on November 7, 2017
Things started out shaky. Got pre-approved for a 2016 Dodge Charger. Set up an appointment to test drive the car. Hey to the dealership and they show me two additional Chargers, not the one I set up the appointment for but the Sales Manager made it right, had the car there the next night and he knocked 250 off the price. I got paired up with a great salesman Mario. Mario was great through the entire process. My wife talked me into getting tinted windows and a spoiler. I didn't want to finance it but the guy in charge of this Josh seemed like a good guy and the experience up to know had been mostly positive so I did it. Came up and Josh said to bring it Monday, got there and it was, Tim I'm sorry I meant next Monday. So again back to frustration. Come back Monday October 24th I was told on Saturday October 22nd by the Sales Manager he was sorry for everything and to drop the car off we'll have a loaner ready for you when you get here. Get here and the car isn't ready, tires need air, dealer plates need to be added so sat here 40 minutes until ready to go, get in car it has an 1/8th of a tank of gas, screw it I'm tired I'll deal with it. I get told that it will be ready for pickup Friday October 27th. I took off work Friday - Monday for a wedding. Called Friday car not ready. No big deal going out of town had a rental van I didn't need the car. Came back Monday car still not ready. Drove up Tuesday and I was told the wrong part, came, miss painted still not ready. So today is Saturday November 4th. I go into the dealership and Josh tells me there is a lot of issues with this body shop. Said they bought the wrong spoiler (higher priced) but don't worry we are eating the difference. Car looks great he says with the tinted windows and the interior protection added and the scratches on the exterior are buffed and protection added but the spoiler won't be installed until Monday November 6th and I should have the car back by Wednesday the 8th. I tell him that's great but I've already made my first car payment and by next Wednesday I'll have the car 5 weeks and it has been at Kia for two weeks of this. That's not right. Josh tells me I'll give you a tank of gas for your troubles. A tank of gas.... I said I filled it up before I dropped it off. He said well drive it up and I'll give yuou a tank. Josh you've had the car 40% of my ownership of the vehicle. I can do two tanks. I said how about the cigarette burns on the two front seats. He said we will repair them free of charge and do a tank of gas. Car was bought used so even though to me this isn't a good trade off it would be nice to have it completely fixed and not have to worry about it. So as I sit in World Kia's parking lot for the last twenty minutes venting my frustration I wonder what's going to happen next Wednesday to pick up the car two weeks after I dropped it off and it's either not ready, seats aren't repaired or God knows what else. Only good thing is Mario came up and apologized for this. Great guy cause I know he's being sincere. Unfortunately it's the whole experience that makes me wish I went elsewhere.

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